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I have this one master life creation pgs energy system I created for my corporate and professional clients worldwide.

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This is a very special tool to energize your family, personal life, professional life and spiritual life.

This is april vargas, since you will not have the loving protection of your private angel, dr. Richard london, he is allowing you to purchase his powerful 27 energy collection. He made nine collections at a personal cost of over $10,000 u.S. Dollars per collection. This is a new collection finished august 3,2019 there are 9 collections left.

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It is a faith is power “energizer”

You can constantly recharge you energyarte collection of 27 rocks, recharge jewelery, and any other thing you wish to have a high vibration and create more wealth, more love, more harmony, more time or just more……

You place everything you wish to energize in this special made “faith is power energizer book”



Energyartetm certifies that you have received a special unique design created and inspired by the angelic beings in the ethereal plane.
This special life energy collection includes 27 handpicked special energy rocks embossed by angels by hand; the highest creative vibrating words in the world.
Will bless your life and assist you to create more beauty of spirit, bliss, divine relationships, confidence, faith, divine love, forgiveness, gratitude, joy, love, passion, power of god, trust, wealth, wellness and more.

Dr. Richard london then programs each rock to its highest vibration for you and places the energy in the akashic records at a cost of over 20 minutes per rock, and a collection time of over 9-11 hours. A cost to dr. Richard london of over $9,000 u.S. Dollars in time, money and energies to create one collection of 27 energyarte touch rocks.

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One sample of the 27 most powerful programmed personally by dr. Richard london touch energyarte rocks in the world.